Tour de France - Guarding The Stray

Stray Defence AssociationHarrogate Stray Defence Association has pleaded with residents to be “guardians of the Stray” during the Tour de France.

Almost one quarter of the 80 hectares of land will be sectioned off for the Grand Depart after Harrogate Borough Council decided to use the land as a spectator hub.

Despite initial objections from the SDA, the Stray Act of 1985 has been relaxed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, to allow spectators to witness the uphill sprint on Parliament Street.

The initial idea was met with an open letter of stern resistance from the chairwoman of the association, Judy d’Arcy Thompson, in December 2013 to the Harrogate Advertiser and the Secretary of State.

However, after close discussions with the council, Mrs d’Arcy Thompson believes adequate provisions are in place to protect the Stray but hopes residents will also be vigilant.

She said: “I’m hoping that visitors to Harrogate will leave thinking how lovely the Stray is and how important it is to our town and everyone will work together to help guard it.

Article courtesy of Harrogate Advertiser Series - Copyright 2014.

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