Tour de France Preparations

After many long months of detailed planning the Tour de France is now a reality… and this is how Harrogate’s West Park Stray now looks.

A small village of stalls, stands and vehicles and giant screens, not to mention 300 portaloos, has sprung up over tracking and boarding laid down to protect the Stray’s green turf. Fencing has been erected to stop people entering except at certain points, although the council have left some pathways across for pedestrian use, fenced on either side. Other parts of the Stray have also been commandeered for other requirements of the Tour but this is the largest single area.

This has all been allowed during the temporary suspension of the Parliamentary Act safeguarding the Stray. Harrogate Borough Council are to reinstate the Stray to its former pristine glory as soon as the Tour de France ends.

We hope everyone has a wonderful time but is mindful of the town and The Stray.